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    Digital Titan Solutions leverages a unique set of multi-channel marketing strategies that are proven to deliver conversions and results.

    To win the battle in a digital landscape, you must have an organized and diverse approach that get you results.  It is very easy to spin your wheels and spend your money without getting any results.  Most have experienced the painful headache and frustration that comes from trying to figure it out.  We keep it simple and deliver the results you truly desire.  Let us show you!

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    What We Do

    See what we can do for your Business:

    Digital Titan Solutions will help you super charge your business with our customized lead generator:
    • Pick your ideal candidates (Who do you want to attract to your business?)
    • Pick your ideal service or deal to market to the candidate (What would you like to sell more of?)
    • Pick your ideal price points (What do you want your average transaction amount to be?)
    • Pick your transactions per week (How many new transactions are you wanting per week?)
    • Sit back and let us do the work!
    Don’t shy away if you don’t know what your ideal lead looks like, we can get you the answers you need to make your CUSTOMIZED LEAD GENERATOR work wonders for you! New to lead generation? We will make sure you are set up to handle the influx of leads you will be getting.

      Our Services

      We provide wide range of web & business services


      Digital Marketing Solutions Titan

      Marketing Automation

      Targeting and engaging potential customers at the right times with the right messages is the key to easily converting a lead to a new customer. Send automated messages at the key times and receive follow up lists of potential hot leads for your sales team to call!

      Social media Marketing

      Add powerful conversion tools to your social media platforms to bolster engagements. Are you still just making the usual daily posts to engage? See how much more you can do!

      Lead Generation

      The average adult spends 5.9 hours per day on the internet between work and day to day activities with over 293 million internet users in the US alone. Digital lead generation gives you the ability to get your message in front of these users. With PPC (pay-per-click) cost rising weekly make sure your engaging the customers you want and only paying for the clicks that matter.

      Search Engine Marketing

      PPC and CPI can drain accounts and produce little to no ROI and 4th or more page rankings if not managed correctly. Our team will work to find the best candidates for conversions and get your company on the right track to front page rankings. It has taken us years to perfect our craft. We stay up to date on the newest trends and can effectively help you maximize the earning potential of each marketing dollar.

      Website Development

      Everyone looks to the internet for information now, that’s what potentially brought you here to our page. Don’t get passed up because your website is hard to navigate, missing information, or not sending a clear message to consumers. From landing pages to full service multi-page sites that are e-commerce integrated, we can do it all. Afraid a new website will cost too much? we offer options for every budget and will get you the site you want in a budget you can afford.

      Marketing Consulting

      A marketing consultant can help your company flex it’s digital muscle by strategizing, creating, and implementing effective tools to market your brand. Digital Titan Solutions can help you determine your message, figure out your target audience, and engage the correct tactics to get you the return you are looking for. Our consulting services will also give you the tools to extract analytics and the knowledge to understand them. Being able to make informed decisions with real time information is essential to navigating the costly and confusing challenges of online marketing.
      Why Digital Titan Solutions

      Your business deserves a massive boost to sales, revenue, and profitability.

      What is holding you back? How about digital overload! Your brain can only handle so much until you close the browser and go back to the way you have always done business. We totally get it!

      • Confusing
      • Costly
      • Time Consuming
      • Frustrating
      • Complicated
      • Overwhelming

      Yes, all of these things and more. That is why you need Digital Titan Solutions! We will spare you all the industry jargon and keep things

      We create websites that generate sales opportunities!

      Don’t take our word for it! You are on one of our sites that we created. 

      We Build Websites That Get Results

      If you can dream it, we can build it