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There are so many people and companies out there offering services. We have been there! To be blunt – we deliver results and go above and beyond.

Digital Titan Solutions

brings over 15 years of digital experience to your fingertips. We have navigated the scary and confusing world of marketing and made all the right choices by making plenty of the wrong one’s. Without failure there could be no success! We can help your company avoid the costly mistakes that can leave you dead in the water or worse yet close your doors. It is a big risk to entrust your marketing efforts to another company and we take that seriously. We offer our consulting services to give your company the tools it needs to stand on your own two feet. We don’t want to make money unless you do! Check out some of the great tools we have to offer:

Marketing Consulting

A marketing consultant can help your company flex it’s digital muscle by strategizing, creating, and implementing effective tools to market your brand. Digital Titan Solutions can help you determine your message, figure out your target audience, and engage the correct tactics to get you the return you are looking for. Our consulting services will also give you the tools to extract analytics and the knowledge to understand them. Being able to make informed decisions with real time information is essential to navigating the costly and confusing challenges of online marketing.

We’ve Got You Covered

Marketing Automation

Targeting and engaging potential customers at the right times with the right messages is the key to easily converting a lead to a new customer. Send automated messages at the key times and receive follow up lists of potential hot leads for your sales team to call!

Social media Marketing

Add powerful conversion tools to your social media platforms to bolster engagements. Are you still just making to usual daily posts to engage? See how much more you can do!

Lead Generation

The average adult spends 5.9 hours per day on the internet between work and day to day activities with over 293 million internet users in the US alone. Digital lead generation gives you the ability to get your message in from of these users. With PPC (pay-per-click) cost rising weekly make sure your engaging the customers you want and only paying for the clicks that matter.

Search Engine Marketing

PPC and CPI can drain accounts and produce little to no ROI and 4th or more page rankings if not managed correctly. Our team will work to find the best candidates for conversions and get your company on the right track to front page rankings. It has taken us years to perfect our craft. We stay up to date on the newest trends and can effectively help you maximize the earning potential of each marketing dollar.

Website Development

Everyone looks to the internet for information now, that’s what potentially brought you here to our page. Don’t get passed up because your website is hard to navigate, missing information, or not sending a clear message to consumers. From landing pages to full service multi-page sites that are e-commerce integrated, we can do it all. Afraid a new website will cost too much, we offer options for every budget and will get you the site you want in a budget you can afford.
Now you have leads, are you set up to properly work them from inception to conversion?

We can help you seamlessly integrate your current CRM as well as new leads with a new marketing platform.

  • Track Opportunities
  • Keep integrated date up to date
  • Create workflow stages and tasks
  • Automate new and existing lead management to re-engage
  • Promote to existing clientele automatically and effortlessly

Digital Marketing

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